TryOnce Crême Top Milk

TryOnce Crême Top Milk is simply the milk in its natural state. Pasteurised with an optimised process called HTST method, in order to keep its natural qualities, intact. In this method the milk is quickly heated upto 72°C and passed through the holding tube for 15 seconds and then rapidly cooled it to 4°C, to eliminate the microbial load, in order to remove the possibilities of cross contamination and thus making it safe to consume for us, especially for our children.

Homogenised milk often is susceptible to adulteration where the adulterants are hard to detect. You can be confident that our Crème Top® is ‘NOT Homogenised’ & ‘NOT Standardised’ and hence any adulteration is easily visible to the naked eye. If you can’t see anything other than milk solids and cream in our milk, thats because there is nothing else in it.

Keep the milk refrigerated. The crème/cream rising to the top over time is a natural phenomenon and do not mistake it as curdled. If you shake it or when you heat it up, the cream on top will get dissolved and you can remove a portion of it immediately after boiling it and keep it accumulated to make ghee, by adding some curd to enrich it to make it butter by the end of the week or month, as per your convenience to make some pure, home made ghee for your family.

So what is Crème Top®. In India, milk is probably the most essential of our daily needs. Who wouldn’t like a cup of milk in the morning?! Our country being one of the top producers and consumers of milk, a wide variety of milk is available in the market – from our next door milk man to milk co-operatives and corporates, who caters to this need of the Nation. The growth in the demand and the not too optimal enforcement of quality assessment methods, often lead to adulteration and results in the flow of cleverly camouflaged impure milk into our price sensitive market.

In this context, we have chosen to deliver crême top milk (whole milk – nothing taken away and nothing added) in its most natural state, simply pasteurised to make it safe for consuming. This is what, in the dairy industry terms, referred to as ‘Non Homogenised’ milk, ‘Non Standardised’ In this condition, the fat molecules are retained in their natural state, rising to the top when chilled over time, forming a thick layer. Hence the name Crème Top®.

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TryOnce Crême Top Milk is simply the milk in its natural state.

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TryOnce Crême Top Milk is simply the milk in its natural state.

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